About Us

Fiable Talent Solutions is a Permanent Recruitment & Staffing Company.Our name “Fiable” is a French Word which means Reliable describes us best. Reliability- is a rare trait today, “Talent” is people which is core to the Industry we operate in and “Solutions” is what we focus on.

Human Capital is the nucleus of most Companies and is one of the most integral aspect to attain Competitive Advantage in the market place today, we play an active role as a Stakeholder for our Clients towards that process. Our approach is 360 degree view of the Environment and Industries we operate in. We understand our Client’s Business, Vision, Culture, Values, Hierarchy to reverse Engineer it effectively for finding the right people.

Whether you are a Startup, Mid Size Company, Large Corporation or a Multinational we have people solutions for you. We keep our Clients and Candidates at the centre everything else revolves around. Our cumulative experience in various sectors helps us in Head Hunting and Effective Screening Of Candidates.